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July 24, 2004
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Trigun- Vash's gun Final by fevereon Trigun- Vash's gun Final by fevereon
Completed project for Otakon 2004 art show, taking place July 28-30.

Built with poplar and Red Oak, with a Walnut handle, this scratchbuilt wooden model of Vash's gun from the anime/manga series "Trigun" (Yasuhiro Nightow) gun is articulated with spinning cylinder, removable wooden bullets, basic trigger/hammer mechanism, and hinge lock for swivelling the barrel to access bullets.

Built in approximately 40 hours between 7/19-24 :)

Work in progress links here:
1- [link] 2- [link] 3- [link] 4- [link] 5- [link]

Edit-9-26-05: theres a couple changes to this faq, as i'm no longer offering this piece for sale.. got to attached, sorry :\

edit 9-19-06: if you use this and the wip stuff as a guide to making your own, please link back here.. its rude to pass off all work as your own... you know who you are :p

edit 3-28-09: updates and extra sugarcoating for the hypersensitive!

* can you give me blueprints/directions/specs etc
I never HAD any blueprints. I worked from a couple blown up screencaps. I would appreciate not receiving emails/notes/ims every other day asking for such, or demanding/begging/explaining why i should vape more time that i don't have to go back to this dirt old thing and make them. Since I have no intent on doing so, and regardless of how nice I am when turning down said requests, begs (and sometimes nasty self entitled outright -demands-), all requests for such will instead be ignored & deleted.

There are work in progress images with tips and such posted in the scraps section.

* why don't you paint it silver??
I was aiming for something more unique than what I could easily find elsewhere, and I thought it would be interesting to see if I could integrate the natural grain, colors, and texture of wood into this piece.

* Will you make more?
With few exceptions my props are primarily "one-offs". This is one of those, and I have no intention of doing another, commission or otherwise. I'm not a mass production facility, and don't really like doing pieces more than once.

* Thats cool, but you -should- make xx from yy!
These things take much time (and funds, and booboos) to do, and I'm working on either commissions or personal work. I don't have time or interest in doing prop "requests"

* Are you selling this?
After 5 years of conventions, tons of people touching it (yeh, i *do* allow touching lol) and a couple dings in the barrel and cylinder from a rather rough baggage search, i'd rather not sell it at this point.
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amazing work on this
skullionaire Nov 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This...makes me happy for some reason.
BlastFlame Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
In AWE.  The work that must have taken.
I just realised now that you used different woods for the different parts - lol, just read the blurb now.  In even more awe.  Great work.
xela975 Aug 11, 2013  Student General Artist
I am willing to beg cry wine and threaten for the measurements of this prop PLEASE
Thomas-Cale Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so much coollnes in a piece of well worked wood
I was there! I saw it! I held it!

Really takes me back.
For wooden replicas, your still pretty good!
badassery at it's finest
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